Boat Types

Traditional Narrowboat
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My traditional narrowboats are done on a 1:12 scale and are 56" in length with either a traditional or cruiser stern. I make standard boats for sale in a range of colours/styles and customised boats by request.
I sell anything from just a hull up to a fully completed boat, with variations on windows and port holes, mushrooms and chimneys, tiller arms and liveries
The hulls all come complete with rubbing strips and gunnels.
The cabins for the traditional narrowboats are interchangeable allowing for one hull with many different looks. The cabins can be lifted off easily and changed for another, this also allows for easy access to any radio controlled gear. The cabins come with windows, portholes or a mixture of both and with an open or closed back hatch.
With just one hull you can also turn your narrowboat into a working mans boat.

Traditional Working Mans Boat
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My traditional working mans boats are on a 1:12 scale and are 56" in length with either sand or coal heaps, or a fibreglass but canvas look cover, which will also fit over the top of the heaps. The coal and sand heaps come in the 2 parts the slot into the hull and can be removed for easy access to any ballast or radio controlled gear. The cabins are a standard size, varying in colour and liveries and are fully interchangeable.

British Waterways Maintenance Boat
My British Waterways boats are a 1:12 scale, 1970's style canal maintenance boat. They come in the traditional colours and liveries. Extra accessories are available to make your boat look the part

Canal Pusher Tug:
My canal pusher tug is a 1:12 scale, with 2 variations on cabin style done in traditional colours and liveries. The cabins come with either windows or portholes and are easily removed for access to radio controlled gear.